Meet The Founder



 A fragrance and beauty virtuoso.

A food and dessert connoisseur.  

A creative, worldly soul who is simply obsessed with footwear.


Ezgi Todurge, a native of Istanbul, Turkey, moved to the states at a very young age and went onto complete her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

After almost a decade in the corporate world, she became discouraged by the female leadership she came across; time and time again. Noticing the negative effects of relentless ambition and growing egos born out of competitive corporate environments, Ezgi set out to inspire and motivate women to remain in touch with their ethics and morals in support of their fellow femmes through the universal language of womankind; shoes.

Lordess was officially introduced to the US market in February 2020; a soon-to-be lifestyle brand with an emphasis on footwear that stands for authenticity and aims to empower today's women.  



An advocate of slow fashion with a passion for development and a “quality over quantity” mentality, Ezgi has vowed to offer wardrobe staples that offer versatility, comfort and effortless confidence. 

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