Leather Shoe Care


Do you find your new shoes to be a little too snug or hard around the edges? This is typical of quality, genuine leather footwear. Below are tips and trick on how to tackle these issues. 


The more you love them, the more they love you back. Due to the nature of genuine leather, each Lordess pair will slowly start taking the shape of your feet, while the upper leather continues to soften- making your new pair more comfortable and naturally customized for your feet with each wear.

  • DO wear your new Lordess pair for short periods at a time, the first few times.
  • DO wear them around the house as much as you can.
  • DO wear them with super thick socks around the house. Not the most stylish look- but your feet will thank you for it. 

A FASTER APPROACH: Thick Socks Meet Hair Dryer

Wear super thick socks, layer them on if you must, and blow gentle heat at a distance towards the leather sections that you are particularly trying to break into. But be gentle! Excessive heat will result in damage.

Here is an ideal recipe:

  • Wear your shoes with extra thick socks on and walk around the living room a few times.
  • Blast mild-medium heat at a distance for about 10 seconds to get the leather warm, not hot.
  • Once the leather is warm to the touch, walk around more.
  • Blast heat on low, again.
  • Walk, again.
  • Keep repeating a few times but be sure to remain gentle with heat. You don’t want to damage your gorgeous shoes!
  • If you find yourself doing these steps too many times, you may want to consider rubbing in a very thin layer of leather conditioner to ensure your leather shoes do not dry out.


Genuine leather is very similar to your own skin. It needs to breathe, be clean and remain conditioned. The best way to practice sustainability is through longevity. To increase the lifespan of your Lordess shoes, implement the following care instructions.


  • Make sure your leather shoes are free of dust and dirt by cleaning them with a soft brush or a microfiber cloth. We recommend horsehair brushes.
  • Use saddle soap. Create a lather and rub very gently onto the exterior leather. Wipe off excess and allow them to dry naturally. The wax content of saddle soap will also help seal and protect leather.


This is the equivalent of putting lotion on your skin! Conditioning your leather shoes keeps them looking and feeling like new by helping replace some of the lost natural moisture. Leather conditioners can also reduce the look of surface scratches.  


  • Make use of your Lordess dust bag, which will protect your shoes from sunlight and dust.
  • Consider purchasing a shoe tree. We recommend cedar shoe trees, which have antibacterial properties, absorb moisture, and help preserve the shape of the shoe.
  • Keep in mind that leather shoes prefer cool and dry temperatures. Be cautious of extreme temperatures—too hot and too cold can promote serious damage. Extended exposure to direct sunlight is leather’s worst enemy, as it will yield to color fading.


Don’t want to deal with maintaining your leather shoes? Find a trustworthy, talented cobbler for annual check-ups—just like a visit to the doctor’s office! A cobbler can also resole your worn-out outsoles.


NOTE: Information provided on this page pertains only for genuine leather, NOT calf-hair. DO NOT rub cleansers or conditioners to the calf-hair section of your Lordess shoes!