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Conscientiousness | Craftsmanship | Comfort | Versatility | Exclusivity

     Here at Lordess, our core values are the main drivers of our design and development process. We are advocates of slow fashion and authenticity. Our small-batch productions are carried out ethically in a small atelier in Istanbul, Turkey by passionate artisans with impeccable skillsets that were passed down from generations of shoemakers.

Lordess Oxford Flat Shoes

     Our timeless collections are meticulously designed by female founder, Ezgi Todurge, who strives to have comfort, style, quality, and versatility coexist. Fierce, independent babes in the workforce, and shifts in gender norms have served as a significant source of inspiration for the signature Lordess design—a feminized oxford that exudes just the right amount of androgyny.

Lordess Virago Black Oxford shoes

     Each Lordess design is achieved through vigorous quests for the most appealing leather and accessories to offer a sensorial and versatile footwear experience that can effortlessly transition from day to night, and office to weekend. Lordess aims to become a wardrobe staple for all women who seek to curate a mindful closet with timeless style.


The ultimate goal for Lordess is to help fellow femmes adopt mindful shopping habits and guide in choosing quality over quantity—so we can all lead lives of meaningful experiences; not wasteful consumption.

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